The Water Is Needed To Exercise?
The Water Is Needed To Exercise?

The Water Needed To Exercise?

Dallas, TX, February 7, 2006 – Water is a critical component in everyday life. It is necessary for the body to function and plays important roles in its well-being. Water is responsible for regulating body temperatures, it acts as lubrication for the joints, it plays a part in chemical reactions such as metabolism, and it transports nutrients and waste products throughout the body.

Water is equally critical, arguably more so, to the body during exercise. Although many sports drinks are advertised to boost endurance, increase energy, and pump up power, they are often infused with carbonation which causes the stomach to expand and can cause discomfort during exercise, which naturally leads to a disappointing or abbreviated performance.

When exercising for long periods of time a re-hydration beverage, such as Gatorade, can be supplemented to help the body recoup electrolytes and replace fluid quickly. In many cases, however, constant water is not only sufficient, but also ideal.

Dallas-based Fitness Trainers To Go nutritionist Anna Yuschak, MA, recommends that all individuals drink at least eight, eight-ounce glasses of water daily. Individuals who exercise on a regular basis, or who are heading to the gym for a workout should increase their water consumption.

“Fluid loss occurs as a result of exercise through sweat, and it is important to replace these fluids to restore balance,” Yuschak said.

Exercising while dehydrated quickly decreases both muscle strength and work performance.

“It could also decrease blood volume and cardiac output,” Yuschak said.

Having a water bottle on hand throughout a workout makes constant drinking easier to manage.

“You should consume 21 ounces two hours before exercise and about 15 ounces, 15 minutes before exercise and then about five ounces every 15 minutes while you exercise,” Yuschak said, adding that consumption after exercise is equally as important since the body continues to lose fluids through sweat and urination.

In addition to keeping athletes hydrated and performing at their physical peaks, water plays a part in overall weight loss and healthy skin.

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The Water Needed To Exercise?

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The Water Needed To Exercise?

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The Water Is Needed To Exercise?

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