The Big Fat Truth About Diet Soda
The Big Fat Truth About Diet Soda

The Big Fat Truth About Diet Soda

Dallas, TX, March 14, 2006—Recent studies from medical journals have warned the calorie-conscious to look into a seemingly innocent perpetrator for adding empty calories to their otherwise healthy diets.  Sodas, whether diet or regular, are often at fault for the reason why you can’t shed that extra weight.

Fitness Trainers To Go nutritionist Anna Yuschek, MA, advises her clients to dramatically limit the amounts of soda they consume, if they can’t eliminate them completely.

 “Sodas are full of empty calories and sugar,” says Yuschek.  “A lot of the time what people don’t know is that even drinking a soda that has no calories in it can still lead to obesity.”

Yuschek attributes the reason for this as being the way that ingredients in the sodas metabolize in the body.  Fructose, a primary ingredient in many sodas, cannot be broken down into useful energy.  For this reason it is stored directly as fat – regardless of the “diet” labels.  If fact, Yuschek points out that fructose is found most commonly in diet sodas and adds that some experts would argue that diet soft drinks are more dangerous than regular-calorie sodas, as a direct result of their ingredients.

A second reason for blaming sodas – especially diet sodas – for weight gain or failure to lose weight – is a mentality. 

“Diet sodas tend to have zero calories listed on the nutrition content so people think that they can drink as many of them as they want,” says Yuschek.  When looking to limit your soda intake, you don’t necessarily have to quit cold turkey.  Yuschek tells her clients to gradually wean themselves off of their favorite beverages and to find tasty substitutes, such as flavored water, natural fruit juices, or Gatorade.

The next time you get a craving for Coke or a penchant for Pepsi, try sipping carbonated water, or a new drink altogether.  Chances are good that you will be happily surprised at the results.  Your body will thank you and you may end up with a new drink of choice.

The Big Fat Truth About Diet Soda

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The Big Fat Truth About Diet Soda

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The Big Fat Truth About Diet Soda

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