Low Maintenance Snacks To Improve Your Health
Low Maintenance Snacks To Improve Your Health

A New You Fitness Resolution

Dallas, TX, January 11, 2006 -- Hands down, the most common New Years resolution, year after year is the optimistic dream that this will be the year to shed that extra weight. As 2006 dawned, Americans vowed that this year they would drop those extra pounds, get to the gym and fit back into their skinny jeans.

Unfortunately, often by spring, most resolutions have been broken or forgotten.

Fitness resolutions are important beyond their physical appeal. Recent studies have shown that the cause of death for many Americans is increasingly connected to health-related causes such as overeating, smoking and lack of exercise. Fitness resolutions can be difficult to maintain, however, if the resolution is not made with careful consideration.

“You can’t be forced to workout,” said Fitness Trainers To Go Founder and CEO Robert Korngiebel. “In order to truly become healthy and physically fit, you have to have a sincere commitment.”

Experts agree that so-called “secrets” to keeping a resolution include a strong commitment to change, accountability and a record of progress. These tips are all the more important when the goal is to lose weight, trim your figure or adapt a healthy lifestyle.

“Fitness is a way of life and a lifestyle change,” said Nicole Masden, a personal trainer with Lady Trainers To Go, who holds a BS in exercise science. “When it comes down to the changes you want to make in fitness it’s important to get started and never quit.”

Common motives for abandoning an exercise program include lack of motivation, boredom and failure to know where to begin. For these reasons, Masden suggests the following advice for beginning a new lifestyle, sticking with it and ultimately seeing those desired results:

  • Workout with someone (a friend or personal trainer) to help keep you accountable.
  • Listen to music to help the time go by faster.
  • Keep track of completed workouts to see your progress and improvement.
  • Invest your money into your workout and yourself. The decision to become physically fit is life changing. This is not an area where you want to cut corners.

Fitness takes hard work and dedication but the results can include lengthening your lifespan and creating a body that you are proud to show off. Stop making excuses. Now is a great time to commit to a new you in the New Year.

A New You Fitness Resolution

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Dallas, TX A New You Fitness Resolution

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A New You Fitness Resolution

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Low Maintenance Snacks To Improve Your Health

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