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May 13, 2008

Easy Home Exercise Tip: Sports Cord Lateral Raise with Front Raise

Sports Cord Lateral Raise with Front Raise: This is a great shoulder exercise that works on the front and medial deltoid of the shoulders. To perform this exercise correctly:

1. Start in a standing position with the middle of the cord under one or both feet.

2. Keeping arms straight, but not locked, raise the left arm out to the side and the right arm directly in front. Make sure that the wrists stay in line with the arm and the elbows do not lock. Also make sure that you don’t shrug the shoulders while performing the movement.

3. Hold that position for 2 seconds and slowly lower to starting position.

4. Next, raise the right arm out the side and the left arm directly in front of the body. Hold for 2 seconds.

5. Continue alternating arms as above. Repeat for 20 to 24 repetitions.

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Posted by Dallas Personal Trainer at 12:07 PM