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September 25, 2007

Easy Home Exercise: Single-Leg Floor Bridge

The Single Leg Floor Bridge is great to strengthen the core, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. When performed correctly, this exercise can be beneficial to rehab lower back and weak hamstrings, and to tone the glutes. To perform this exercise correctly:

1. Lying on the back, with legs bent and feet flat on the floor, place feet about hip width apart
2. Relax the head and shoulders. Lift the right leg off the floor so that it is extended straight out. Lift the hips up with the weight on the left leg and hold for 2 seconds
3. Make sure to stay on the heels of your foot and squeeze glutes at the top
4. Slowly lower hips, without touching the ground and repeat
5. Make sure to keep stomach tight throughout range of motion
6. Perform 12-15 repetitions, and then repeat with right leg.

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Posted by Dallas Personal Trainer at 10:07 AM

September 13, 2007

Easy Home Exercise: Reactive Step-ups

Reactive Step-ups is a great exercise to improve on conditioning, stability, and balance in the lower body while toning the legs. To perform this exercise correctly:

1. Make sure that you have a 6-10 box-step
2. Start by placing the right foot on the box-step with the arms pulled back, ready to explode
3. Begin by jumping vertically using the right leg by extending your hip, leg and ankle. Land in the same position, pause and repeat. Perform for 10-15 repetitions on each leg.

Key points: Use the arms by throwing them up, but stop the hands at eye level. Make sure to land with the entire foot on the step/box and keep the torso leaning forward.

This exercise brought to you by the Dallas personal trainers from Fitness Trainers To Go.

Posted by Dallas Personal Trainer at 9:36 AM