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May 16, 2006

EXERCISE: Sports Cord Core Rotations

This exercise is great to strengthen the abdominals and obliques. It plays a role in strengthening the muscles needed for your everyday lifestyle. To perform this exercise correctly:

1. Attach the cord around a pole or to a door
2. Start in an upright position, arms out straight in front of the chest, holding the cord in hands (the resistance of the cord is coming from the side – picture a baseball player swinging a bat)
3. With your arms extended out (don’t lock elbows) holding the cord, rotate the upper body opposite of the resistance, keeping the head looking forward throughout the range of motion.
4. Make sure your knees are slightly bent, toes are pointing straight and lower body does not move throughout the range of motion
5. Rotate as far as the upper body allows, but make sure to keep control of the resistance as you return to the starting position
6. Make sure the cord has resistance throughout the entire range of motion
7. Beginners may want to start closer to the pole or door and progress by moving farther out.

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