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May 31, 2006

EASY HOME EXERCISE: Sports Band Lateral Walks

This exercise is great to tone your hips and glutes and strengthens the muscles that can prevent knee and hip injuries. The sports band is a big rubber band that comes in different resistances, and can be used for multiple exercises. To perform this exercise correctly

1. Starting in an upright position put the band around the ankles. Place hands on hips.
2. Place feet wider than shoulder width and take a step sideways keeping the legs straight but not locked.
3. Bring other foot back to shoulder width stance.
4. Make sure to keep the toes forward and feet straight
5. Make sure that your feet do not touch and you keep a wide stance throughout the exercise
6. This exercise can be performed by taking steps in one direction 25 steps or reps and then taking steps leading with the other leg going sideways

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