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August 16, 2005

EASY HOME EXERCISES: Sports Cord Reverse Chop more…

This exercise works great on the entire body. Its main focus is the trunk and shoulders, and provides rotation, which is necessary for your everyday lifestyle. To perform this exercise correctly:

1. Start by attaching the cord to a door/pole, or have someone hold the cord
2. Make sure the cord is positioned as close to the ground as possible
3. In a slight squat position, hold on to the cord handle with both hands out in front (arms straight)
4. Make sure that knees are slightly bent, hips back, so that the knees are not over the toes
5. Start by pulling the cord diagonal towards the ceiling, and rotating the trunk, while pivoting the opposite foot
6. In other words, if you are pulling the cord and rotating to the left side, the left foot stays stable and the right foot pivots to the left side
7. Make sure the head follows with the arms, while keeping your stomach tight throughout the range of motion
8. Return to starting position and repeat to the opposite side

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