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August 29, 2005

EASY HOME EXERCISES: Bodyweight Ice Skaters more…

This is a great way to condition and increase your heart rate while working on your lateral movement (side-to side motion). To perform this exercise correctly:

1. Start in a slight squat position (knees slightly bent, hips back, so that knees are not passing over the toes)
2. Pushing off with the left leg, jump laterally to the right side, landing on the right leg, in a squat position
3. Make sure that you land softly by landing on your heels and absorbing the pressure in the thighs and glutes.
4. Repeat by pushing off with the right leg, jumping laterally to the left side, landing on the left leg, in a squat position.
5. Make sure to use your arms while pushing off (picture speed skater)
6. Repeat in a continuous motion for a timed period.

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