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Every year it's the same. The cycle of weight gain and crash diets is interrupted by a few short-lived bursts of consistent exercise. From January 1 to December 31 the weight comes and goes, but it never seems to stay off. It's frustrating, heartbreaking and unhealthy all at the same time.

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What can you do to ensure that this year is THE year? You've joined countless gyms, gone to dieting meetings--even hired a personal trainer. Nothing seems to work. Before succumbing to the fact that you'll be overweight for the rest of your life, consider the root of the problem.

On January 1 you're oozing with motivation--you can practically visualize yourself 50 pounds lighter. January 4 your son needs a ride to hockey practice which means you don't have time to go for your two-mile walk around the neighborhood. January 15 you arrive home from work after 7:00 PM and opt for Chinese take-out instead of a healthy, home-cooked meal. Sound familiar?

Getting on track is only a fraction of the battle. Staying on track is what prevents most of us from reaching our goals. At Fitness Trainers to Go, we work hard to keep you on track. Through convenient at-home workouts with a nationally certified professional, you will experience a variety of customized workouts to keep you and your body guessing and a Dallas personal trainer who understands your goals and the challenges you face to achieve them. If you're tired of living your life unsatisfied while carrying around extra pounds, call Fitness Trainers to Go and let us customize an exercise program complete with a Dallas personal trainer that will reshape your body and your mind.

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Dallas Personal Trainer

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