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February 08, 2006

Home Cardio Exercise Tip: Sports Cord Ice-Skaters

Sports Cord Ice-Skaters: This exercise is great for working on stability while keeping the heart rate up. It also helps increase speed and power in runners. Make sure you have mastered the ice-skaters without resistance before starting this exercise. To perform this exercise correctly, make sure that there is enough room for the person to jump laterally (side to side) such as outside or an open facility. A second person may be required for assistance.
1. Loop the sports cord around the torso so that one handle is free. Tie the other handle of the sports cord to the bottom of a door, a stable object, or have the 2nd person hold the other end close to the ground, firmly.
2. Begin in an athletic position, with the cord to the right side of the body.
3. Standing on the right leg, bound to the left, landing on the left leg.
4. Bound back to the right, landing on the right leg. Repeat for a number of repetitions or a timed period.
5. Switch the cord to the left side of the body, and repeat the motion for a number of repetitions or a timed period.
6. Key points: Remember to go for distance on each bound. When landing, make sure to absorb the pressure by leaning forward, putting most of the resistance in the glutes and quads.

This home cardio tip brought to you by the Personal Trainers form Fitness Trainers To Go.

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