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January 24, 2006

Home Cardio Exercise: Sports Cord Running/Jogging in Place

Sports Cord Running/Jogging in Place: This is an excellent exercise to improve speed, quickness and conditioning. It also improves balance and lower body strength and power. Two people are required for this exercise. To perform this exercise correctly:
1. Begin by putting the sports cord around the torso. It is highly recommended that someone hold the other end of the sports cord. TIGHTLY.
2. Walk out, allowing a bit of room for tension in the cord. Start running in place, getting the knees up high and rapidly moving the arms at the same time.
3. Continue running for a timed period.
4. Moving the arms faster will neurologically make the legs move faster.

This home cardio tip brought to you by the Personal Trainers form Fitness Trainers To Go.

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