5 Innovative Fitness Tips
5 Innovative Fitness Tips

5 Innovative Fitness Tips

Dallas, TX, January 31, 2006 – The following tips were designed with the busy mom, the time-crunched executive and the college student in mind. Men and women who may not have time in their daily schedule to take a break and hit the gym, but who are still interested in remaining active and burning as many calories as possible, without altering their routines. “You may not workout every day,” said Fitness Trainers To Go CEO Robert Korngiebel. “But you can take simple steps to make every day a little healthier, and a little more active.”

1. Get up and go. The next time you take a lengthy call on your cell phone, get up, head outside and start walking; the longer the conversation the better.

2. Step it up a notch. Instead of taking the elevator, opt for the stairs. The added exercise will burn ten times more calories than riding to your floor and it’s an easy way to tone your legs. For some extra work on the calves, climb the stairs on the balls of your feet. By the time you get to the top, you’ll feel it.

3. Move it on back. Instead of cruising around the parking lot to get the spot closest to the door, go ahead and take that place way out by the street (if you feel comfortable). The extra distance is an easy way to add a few steps.

4. Dear Diaries. Keep track of your progress. Record sessions at the gym, time spent walking, sessions with the workout DVDs, etc., as well as meals you eat during the day. Watching your diet and your exercise will motivate you to be healthier.

5. Trade it in. Swap your diet soda for green tea. Recent research shows that the green tea extract promotes weight loss by increasing caloric burn. It also has properties that may help prevent cancer, heart disease and ulcers.

5 Innovative Fitness Tips

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5 Innovative Fitness Tips

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5 Innovative Fitness Tips

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