Fitness Tips
Fitness Tips

5 Easy Fitness Tips

Dallas, TX, January 17, 2006 – “Everyone has good intentions when it comes to exercise,” said Fitness Trainers To Go CEO and founder Robert Korngiebel. At some point in the day you plan to squeeze in a workout; maybe once the kids are dropped off, or the errands are finished, or on your way home from work. Instead of waiting to workout, try implementing these five easy tips into your routine to burn calories without the extra effort.

1. Drink it up. Water is a natural appetite suppressant. It helps to keep you feeling full before and during eating. According to Fitness Trainers To Go personal trainer Nicole Masden, water helps to flush the body, whereas a dehydrated system will retain the water it gets through foods, sodas and coffee. Water also hydrates the skin to keep you fresh and glowing. Keep a bottle in your cup holder, at your desk or in your tote.

2. I’ll have it on the side. When ordering or preparing a salad, get the dressing on the side. As you eat, dip your fork into the dressing before taking a bite. This easy step can cut up to 500 calories while maintaining the taste.

3. 50 paces. Wear a pedometer. You can use the general rule that 2000 steps is one mile and walking a mile burns 100 calories. Being able to keep an eye on the numbers will motivate you to push yourself a little further each day.

4. Take a stand. Instead of falling onto the couch the moment you get home, stand at the counter to read the mail. “No matter how still you may think that you are standing, you’re still in some form of motion,” said Masden. “You incorporate more balance and engage your core muscles more than when you are sitting.” Standing alone also burns nearly twice as many calories as sitting.

5. Move your feet, Cinderella. Is it a pretty day? Give the car an extra wash. It will shine and you’ll burn calories. Feel better about everyday chores – simple tasks such as vacuuming, mopping the floor and grocery shopping are all burning calories. Masden advises that you keep your abdominals engaged and try to complete the chores together so that your heart rate elevates and stays at a higher level.


5 Easy Fitness Tips

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5 Easy Fitness Tips

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Fitness Tips

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